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Hajar Group has built a new plant in the Baghdad area to process approximately 30.000 metric tons of copper scrap, mainly blister and high copper content scrap into FRHC Copper rod, wire for grounding and conductors, as well as copper bus-bar for transformers and other purposes.
The Continuus-Properzi Company was the leading manufacturer of the equipment and provider of Engineering Services, as well as the owner of the exclusive Properzi Copper Fire Refining Technology.
The production capacity of the supplied equipment gives the expected output of 30.000 tons per year of 8mm FRHC Copper Rod complying with Standard EN 1977:1998 CW005A class material, also defined in ASTM B-49-2015 UNS Number C11025.

Our core business is the recycling of scrap copper from a blister and high copper content scrap. This results in sales of recycled commodities of around 30 thousand tons a year. We have FRHC (fire-refined, high-conductivity) CU rod 8 mm of high-quality recycled materials that are taken to market by our substantial road, rail, and shipping network.
Supporting our core activities is a range of specialist divisions including industrial clearance, total waste management, ship breaking, servicing local government service providers, solder production, cable, copper, and aluminum granulation facilities, and environmental consultancy. Also, through our own and our joint venture activities, we are working towards becoming a zero-waste company.
We provide a highly efficient, easy-to-manage system for reclaiming processed copper, refining it, and providing new high-quality copper products to customers in a variety of industries.
The FRHC rod produces can be further processed using the supplied Properzi equipment into drawing wire for conductors in the amount of approximately 15.000 tons per year, and into flat extruded copper strip for transformer windings or bus bar conductors.

FRHC Copper Rod

SHMOUKH ALAZ manufactures (8 mm) Cu-FRHC (fire-refined, high-conductivity) copper rod at its new manufacturing facility in IRAQ. SHMOUKH ALAZ uses secondary copper to produce Cu-FRHC that’s commonly used to make power cables, building wiring, and many other electrical wire products.


Malleable, ductile—and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity—copper has been used by mankind for thousands of years. Another very important characteristic of copper is that it can be recycled over and over again without losing its essential physical properties.
We use state-of-the-art technology to refine all types of processed copper and to produce Cu-FRHC (fire-refined, high-conductivity) products that are 99.9 percent pure and meet ASTM B-49 standards.
At full production capacity, we have the ability to refine 30000 tons of copper annually.
Because SHMOUKH ALAZ uses secondary copper to make new copper products, our production process has a significantly lower impact on the environment, diminishing the carbon footprint we leave behind. Our process isn’t just environmentally friendly—it’s environmentally responsible.


The fundamental metallurgical processing steps for fire-refining include charging copper scrap as low as 93 % – 94 % melting, oxidizing, fluxing, slag removal, reduction of excess oxygen, and casting, oftentimes within a 24-hour cycle. A few of the impurities that have high vapor pressures such as S, Cd, and Zn are partially lost during melting due to volatilization. More important, however, impurities whose oxides have higher free energy of formation than copper, such as Al, Cr, Fe, Ag, Sn, Zn, Ni, and Pb will tend to form stable oxides that can be easily removed from the slag, albeit some fluxing may be required.

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